Sizing info ♡

When you click on a ready to ship set it will show the size it’s ready made available in.

Our sizing kits are the safest way to ensure the nails you want will fit you. (search sizing kit)

The way sizing kits work: you’d purchase the shape of nail you want and it will come with all available sizes in millimeters. You’d place them over each finger and write down which number fits each nail according to the size then send the info over to us. 

here is the link to purchase a sizing kit:


if you would like another method of finding out your size without purchasing a sizing kit, read the below:

here is a video on how to size your nails for press ons! (not my video, just found it on youtube)


Another alternative is referring to our sizing chart with instructions. 

We also have a chart of the nail shapes currently offered. (Newly added/available but not shown in the picture is short and medium coffin, as well as duck nails short-long).